Of Healing and Hope

It’s been awhile since I’ve written something here. I know this blog is not really riding the hype train of the internet about hacks and values to be interesting. I’m just a broken man writing about what he’s experienced as well as what I’ve learned though the pain. So, thank you for giving time to read my history, my ramblings and thoughts. It means a lot to me to know I’m not forgotten, that my story still matters.

It’s been a year already, me and Kent, being a couple. We knew this time would come wherein he’d go to Australia and I’m going to catch up. I don’t really know how to pour it the right, like tea, but more than mental stimulation, more than companionship, I appreciated his presence a lot. He gave a lot of ground in a time where my life had no gravity to stand on.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in my life this season: Resigning from my 11 year old job, our LDR relationship and what happens with my AU Visa that its really hard not to get anxious. It’s harder to know that someone you’ve come to find support on is now leaving for another country never to return.

I’ve loved the Philippines for such a long time. I’ve always thought it’s worth fighting for, that it can change, and that we’re the catalyst for that change. I guess growing old you’d come to realize, that fight is not for me to handle anymore, and there are truly better options out there if we broaden our horizons.

I am a man who plays it safe. A person who enjoys comfort and content with being just ok. So dreaming bigger was never my forte or in my radar. As long as my needs are met, and I can do some luxuries once in a while, I’m content. So AU is really a big thing for me, I’ve come to believe the new beginnings I will have there is a much needed phase for such a big change in my life.

Oh, I’ve also started to be more serious about my coaching practice. I do most of it for free to help my hours as well as to help enhance my knack for it. Seeing people find clarity no matter how small, is so precious. In a time where I found my mind and life so hazy, I would’ve given a lot for that kind of consultation. I’m glad I can do it for others. If you know anyone who needs that kind of service in their life, I would appreciate a recommendation my way.

I don’t have any lessons to give tonight. My heart is just heavy and anxious for my tomorrow, I just want you to know how human I still am in the midst of the fa├žade. Thank you friend, for reading. I hope that we, would someday, find better happiness in this life full of challenges and hurdles.

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