The Desire to Please others is Selfishness

I’ve been listening to the book “The Courage to be Disliked” and have been learning a lot of controversial thought for my way of thinking. One of the big surprises for me was that in my desire to please others, one philosophy believes that this is born of the need for myself to be acknowledged, to be needed — and that is very self-centered.

As I read more books, making more time to learn, about mental health, our psyche and self-help. I understand how limited my understanding is about me, about what I want, about what I feel, and about who’s a victim and a perpetrator. Truly, life cannot be owned by one philosophy, it is always a combination of multiple factors that can be true for one and false for the other. It continues to be interesting, always a concept that’s so near for my grasp yet so elusive to behold.

As someone with the last strength as “Discipline” according to StrengthsFinder, it really is hard for me to maintain a habit. My mind and heart wishes it could but it only lasts for a season usually. I’ve been enjoying writing at night before I sleep. My heart feels lighter, and my mind feels more quiet. It’s a nice feeling after so much dissonance for my thoughts and emotions this past months. I hope if anything, that I can continue to write my heart out as me and Kent separate physically, and I journey into vlogging soon.

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