Japan Fuji Trip March 2024

Japan has always been the country that I find intensely charming. The way it marries urban and nature is just divine. If there’s one country I can go again and again or I’m very interested to explore all provinces, it has to be it. I feel safe in the country, transportation is efficient and locals are nice, kind and polite. Last but not least is food is amazing.

Me and Kent have been planning this trip for awhile now, with a little discount from three locations to just two. Thankfully, the discount proved useful for budget and my sensitivity to the cold. The two places we went to are Fujikawaguchi and Tokyo, both of which are a first for me.

I have been a allured by the beauty of the painting of Hokusai titled “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” which depicted Mount Fuji, with the “iconic Japanese wave” lately. In translating the piece, it’s been said that the wave was drawn big and to give reference to its size, you’ll see a tiny Mount Fuji at the background for reference. Now that I’ve seen what the mountain is, I can’t help but be in awe how big that wave probably is according to the artists imagination or the Japanese’s interpretation.

In photos Mount Fuji might just be an imperfect triangle with some dirt texture and a white layer on top, but seeing the mountain itself, in person, was absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t stop just, taking a pause from taking a photo and admiring its beauty, its view is reflective and asks contemplation at how small you can be in a world so big.

This trip, was an amazing gift from an adventurous man like Kent. I would have never seen such a spiritual scene with my homebody personality.

In between the trip, we used Tokyo as the airport of transfer to go to and from, I wouldn’t say there’s a lot to talk about it other than damn good food and shopping. I even got myself a legitimate haori to take home!

Unfortunately, my anxiety was impervious to proper planning and got the best of me. I accidentally left my camera’s battery hence the rest of the photo was purely taken using iPhone photography.

Here are some snaps that you can use for your mobile wallpaper!

Hi-res version uploaded >here<

All images are subject to fair use policy but I’d appreciate some credits and link back to this post if you used it. :)


Day 1:

  • Bus to Shinjuku
  • Bus to Kawaguchiko
  • Get Car Rental
  • Visit Oshino Hakkai
  • Go To Hotel

Day 2:

  • Chureito Pagoda
  • Lawson Kawaguchiko Station
  • Oishi Park
  • Hana Cafe
  • Fuji Panoramic Ropeway
  • Sightseeing Boat “Appare”
  • Honcho Street

Day 3:

  • Saiko Iyashino-Sato Nenba Open Air Museum
  • Go back to Tokyo

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