Being a Student Again

I’ve been told that people who get post-baccalaureate education are scammed since basically, they can learn the same thing for free with experience. For the longest time I believed that, that education after a undergraduate course is already enough.

Unfortunately, my ability to assimilate knowledge doesn’t work well with being alone and the fear of starting overwhelms or gets me to procrastinate most of the time. So I figured I broke a lot of the beliefs that hold me down lately, why not try this one as well?

It wasn’t a smooth ride though. The first I tried was project management. While it was interesting, it didn’t have enough feedback mechanism to challenge its students. It was all talk no activity. I wouldn’t say that was the most worth of my savings but it did give me enough knowledge to get a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

The second is Grief Coaching. This was the scariest to get and the most expensive but it is the most purposeful as well. You see in my story, my grief about Maico’s death was overwhelming and I was inconsolable. No one knew how to deal with grief till I got onto grief coaching sessions. But for the first time in a long time, in those few hours I met with my coach, I was seen and I was heard.

It changed my life for the better.

Grief coaching is noble, it’s goal is to save a life. It was never meant to make the better into best unlike a lot of the trending careers lately. It is meek, supportive and restorative. I loved the concept and I dived in the study head first. While my certification is not done yet, I am doing free coaching sessions already for anyone that feels a deep sense of loss: loss of opportunity, loss of career, loss of will or just feeling directionless in general. The sessions I have with different people have been wonderful, and the progress they make is the greatest gift that I receive in the moments I get to take that journey with them. It is my hope to be known as someone that understands grief.

My latest venture is on Data Analytics.

Yeah, it’s not really my strongest arm, but hey, it is a journey of exploration. Do I like data, not necessarily. Do I like coding and making solutions from code? Absolutely. I’ve worked in operations long enough to know that yes, data does work, but it’s not my thing to put it against people. Context is absolutely important, and I’m glad this course emphasized that.

In the three online courses I got, one thing stands out. It’s very empowering to learn with peers. When you are surrounded by people who want to understand, grow and apply the same concept as you, learning becomes more than interesting, it becomes challenging and pleasurable. So, if you are thinking about getting a course you’re fairly interested at, take the jump. It might just be the community and inspiration you need to feel in this life.

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