Making Momentum

I’ll admit, I’ve been playing again and wasting my time for entertainment. That’s why I haven’t published the last 2 podcast yet and haven’t written for weeks on a proper interval. So, this is me reminding myself that I won’t gamble my present in hopes for a better future.

Simply put, too much entertainment for the present is toxic. I believe it has been 2 weeks since the return of succumbing to MOBAs and it definitely took off some bad vibes but evaluating my future, it didn’t align to what I cast myself into ending this year.

In Trying to Make Momentum

Yeah, I’ve written a number of pieces in the past months and in the life of this blog but its not enough to consider myself to have accomplished anything noteworthy. I’ve been taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back with this practice so here’s what I promise myself and I want you to follow me on this:

Make a pledge of your goal: Tell it to yourself, write it on your diary or comment it down below or send me a private message so we can follow each other up. Perceive a challenge and plan for triumph. There’s so much to conquer if you only decide it is worth fighting for: engage against your depression, develop your blog, pursue your photography, create culinary masterpieces, broadcast your advocacy, you be your captain and set your destination. We all have dreams we pursue but it’s hard to keep it alive if we are alone. So, let’s not be alone, we can be a team.

Momentum is something that’s hard to stop. So making momentum would need your dream to be a habit and to make it a habit we have to do in intervals repeatedly. You will know if it is a momentum if you find it an itch if you’ve failed to do your pledge. If you can let it pass by without a concern, keep pushing yourself till it’s an integral part of your week.

So here’s my renewing my vow: I will put up two things every week: a blog post and a live podcast. Until I do so, my  long unproductive use of time is over. Yes, it’s great to keep yourself out of reality for awhile, but in the end, it would be without a doubt better to invest for a future better than today.

Be part of the A-Team

If you find the challenge compelling, right now I need 2 kinds of people with us: A co-blogger who lives with the challenge to develop themselves and others around them, and a guest in my podcasts that would discuss a range of topics for self-improvement and life experiences. I don’t need experts, all I need is your humanity.

If you’re interested hit me up at me(at)kevinsi(dot)com.


Former Chief of Operations and Technology, now a Grief Coach and studying Masters of Psychology. I'm going to help heal this broken world. Just had a renewed interest in photography for travel and film. Follow me in my adventures at

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