The Secret of how to have Peace

It’s been mentioned every time by my brother in his talks, it’s a prerequisite information we have to our company’s bootcamp and it has turned to be my everyday go to in all things.


Nothing too Little to Notice

Of all the times to be treated as a buffet by a mosquito, it is when I was sleeping soundly in the dark that it chooses to have a lifetime supply of my life juice. It would’ve been fine with me if it ends with it getting the burp of its life. Unfortunately, it leaves me with these itchy bumps that are so sensational, I had to wake up from a good dream to scratch my own itch. In frustration after waking up twice to different sections of my body getting the supple curves, I didn’t go back to sleep in search of the culprit. Now, finding a tiny mosquito in a room is a challenge, finding a full mosquito in a dark room at a groggy night is another level, even with the lights on, the contrast just isn’t enough.

After searching for a good 30 minutes or so, With a headlamp on, and my determination, I proceeded to shuffle the whole room, from paper bags to the bottom of my table to shaking the carpet and curtains. To my dismay, (obviously) I was unsuccessful to get the little bugger, but I had a silent oath not to be a sucker (get it?) the third time. After lying down to get some break and out of desperation I whispered a short prayer:

God, please help me to find the mosquito and get me to squish my blood out of it, I’d appreciate the help, thanks.

After prepping myself up and pulling my upper body in a sitting position, lo and behold I find the little pest waiting on the curtain across my food waiting to be squished.

Ahhhh, the sweet sensation of the squish and seeing the juicy amount of my own blood on my palm.

Moral Lesson #1: No matter how little your problem is, God can and will help you with it if you call on Him.

But the day doesn’t end there though, here’s the better success story of prayer:

The Prodigal Dog

Approximately 3:00pm of Tuesday, in the high noon heat, our manservant was taking hardware materials for his project tasked by my older brother to build. Unfortunately, out of his spacious capacity to be aware of my dog’s high intellect and presence, he has forgotten her existence and being as a genius mammal. As she was left out for God-knows-when, it was one of our teammates Ycha that noticed her rug-like charm was missing. They tried to find her around the house as they were a little bit worried while I shrugged and chuckled it off in confidence of my pet’s capability.

Unfortunately, she really was missing.

Now, if you’re familiar on my relationship with my dog Nica, she is if not the most, one of the greatest receiving object of my love and affection. We’ve had each other for two years, in her times of sickness and of good memories and she is one of the living beings I have greatly invested on: financially, physically and emotionally.

We scrammed for the village’s streets right away. The girls being the most expressively caring asked the construction workers nearby, they stated that they saw Nica sitting at the middle of the intersection at 3:30pm (smart gal!), it’s been 30 minutes ever since I saw the hardware supply come in and it was about 4:30pm which means she has been out by an hour. Damn.

All 6 of us proceeded to execute an operation reconnaissance for Nica but to no success. She was nowhere to be found and no matter how much encouragement I got from the others, the fact that she was not in the village streets, nor any house giving us better clues of a black furry doing going past their street, I slowly accepted the possibility that she’s gone as our past pom had the same fate. But again, I was reminded by the power of prayer.

Locking myself up, I texted key people in my life to lift the same cry I have as I whisper it in tears:

God, I don’t know why, but please return Nica. If not, help me to learn in this situation what your lesson for me is.

In a few minutes after a surrender, we got a knock from our gate, a knock on the front door to find her in the hands of our manservant.

She was found, across our village gate getting carried by street kids home, thankfully our village guard is more proactive in making sure to look for my dog and taking her to me. I gave him a reward for his efforts and the office celebrated of Nica’s return.

Now, what are the odds for her to be found outside the village gate? How about being seen by an only guard manning the section? How about being picked up by someone that’s not even going to pass the guard’s way? After searching for a good hour to find nothing only to be found by someone that isn’t related. You may leave it as coincidence, me? I credit it to as an answer to a request.

It was unfortunate that I didn’t see it as a first mode of action, but from what I know again and again, fact is:

Prayer works.

Have you been tapping into this gift? Are you using it to communicate your needs to God? Whether in good or in bad, the benefits of communicating to a Heavenly Father in thanks for the good things and as a support for the hardships makes one’s way of thinking and confidence of the future at serenity. Peace is not being sure that all events would fall into our plans but that all moments are planned and are working for the better of our future.

It’s helpful to plan on possible contingencies, but true security is in the great privilege to be dependent on Him who can and will do all things for the good of us.



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