Let's find yourself again.

The journey of grieving doesn't have to be paved with regrets and dissonance, let's make your story worth cherishing and find your part in a chapter of your life you never thought would happen.
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About Me

My name is Kevin, I've lost my partner last August 2020 and have been grieving ever since. I've experienced different kinds of symptoms from depression to panic attacks that have affected a wide range of my life from my family to my work. Thankfully, I've recovered through a grief coach. With immense gratitude, I've set out to be come one myself to help the same people I once was, that found loss too hard to handle and have lost hope to live a fulfilling life.

I'm now fueled with a mission and trained under the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for End-of-Life and Grief, hoping to raise people that are grieving over difference kinds of loss from relationship breakups to physical death.

What is a Grief Coach?

While some therapy focuses on symptoms like depression, anxiety and panic attacks, grief coaching focuses on one foundational matter that is grief. Grief can be a cause of a lot of the listed symptom and for grief coaches we tackle this great taboo matter head on before it bears more debilitating signs.

As coaches we understand that your story is unique and that no other person will ever be like you, hence we tailorfit spaces we create which is less about rigidity or solutions but rather safe spaces to ponder, reflect and to come back to your core identity, manifest, voice and story.

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