Working on Myself in Progress

I’ve been looking for work ever since December since I’ve officially resigned from my 11 year employment and company. One of the biggest thing I’ve realized is my lack of investment in myself regarding the skills I have given to cultivate clients and companies: SEO, Social Media Management and Web Design and Development are scarecely used for myself that I have to scramble to look up which client would fit their criteria best rather than showing my own site as the ultimate standard.

It’s frustating. I think this is one of the biggest mistake of my life that I choose to correct now. From hereon out, I will market me. I’m setting out to learn, expand and apply what I am interested in on my brand. I’ve been very interested in AI technologies lately, and have found a lot of joy in curating AI images generated from self hosted versions of “Stable Diffusion”.

Though, I have to say, AI is still very controversial. As I share the joy of the generated pictures, I see in my facebook feed how there are people against what I am enjoying. I’m not sure if these people detest me or anything, but I hope not. I brand what I do as a curated rather than an artist.

Here’s to me on marketing myself and most of all, to give value to those that are searching. It’s a few days till Christmas, and I wish everyone including you an answer to our search for meaning in this very anxious and inconsistent time.

10 Tips To Improve Your Brain Health and Live Happier

Our brain is the organ that controls everything and it is also one of the most important part of our body, if not the most. So, if we want to live a happy life then we need to take care of our brain. A poor brain will cause some problems, most especially related to mental health.

Anxiety is one of the most common problem right now especially during and after the pandemic, so if you want to improve your response against anxiety, it’s good to do some practices that seek to restore your brain to better health.

Here are the 10 best tips for your brain to improve:

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a kind of training that will make you be more present in the moment. Anxiety happens when you stray too far into the future of “What ifs” and focus on what can become a disaster. Mindfulness is the process of paying attention on present moment. Being more present helps you solve problems you can do now, and leave the items of later for later. One of the common misconception is that it has to be 15-30mins everyday, and that you’d have a perfect session everytime. Mindfulness comes with practice, it’s better for you to do just 10mins everyday compared to 30mins staggered through the week without schedule. As long as you become aware of what you’re doing: noticing you’re wandering off, pushing yourself back to the present, noticing your breathing, you’re doing it right.

Be patient

Don’t take every trigger, every thought, every threat with a reaction. Give yourself a pause in making responses and decisions. The lesser you become fidgety, the more you practice being in control.

Take a break

Taking a break is the best way to improve your brain power. You can read a book, listen to a song, talk to your loved one or even go for a walk. All of these will help you to relax and reduce the level of stress.

Improve your diet

Diet is one of the most important factors that will influence the health of your brain. You need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to improve your brain health. Make sure to include them with you protein and meats, no need to sacrifice the sinful food, you just need to balance both.

Get some sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things that will keep your brain fit and healthy. Lack of sleep severely impacts our brain in being able to function properly. Be sure to be able to get good long uninterrupted sleep everyday.

Be social

Humans are social creatures. Being a part of a group will keep you away from the stress and you can have a good time. For introverts out there, you doesn’t need to be a party, or be the center of attention. People that matter regenerate us, and it’s good to remind yourself of that.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will keep your brain fit and active. You can start with a small workout like yoga or you can even go for a walk. A regular habit is better than a one-time big-time thing.

Drink enough water

Drinking plenty of water helps our organs to stay in optimal condition, if you’re going to drink less, your brain might process items less. Sometimes when we get sleepy in the afternoon, all we need is a glass of water. So keep drinking your 8 glasses everyday as much as you can!


These are some tips to improve your brain health and live happier. Know any other ideas? Comment down below!

A Dream Job

A good professor in college could really change the trajectory of your life for the good. It’s what happened to me when I first had my web development class in Benilde. I guess, that really left a mark in me, the ability of a good mentor to make a subject so enjoyable, it became what I was passionate about.

After 11 years of building a startup, one of the first thing I considered right away is going back to my Alma Mater to teach. I’m not exactly sure if I was built for it, but I would like to try. Coaching other people has been one of the most enriching activity I’ve been doing recently. To see people grow, find clarity, and be hopeful about their future is a gift that just keeps on giving to everyone involved.

I honestly, thought I was left with no attention regarding my inquiry when I first contacted my professor, I was glad to see that it was that she was busy with a lot of things.

Today, I’ve fixed my CV regarding web development, and will be submitting it to her to apply as a professor. I’m scared to be honest, to be holding such an important role in bringing out the best of the youth, but I am still searching for myself too: What I want to be ultimately, and what I would be willing to sacrifice for.

Here’s to my younger self, who’s always dreamed to be part of the academia of my Alma Mater, and to my professor and mentor that started the path to who I am today. I’ll make you proud, I promise.

The Need for Momentum

You know how they say that motivation/inspiration is actually created by discipline? It’s quite the idea, but either has neither posessed me lately, so I’m doing anything I can to receive that purpose in life.

There are already things I know I’d want to happen such as:

  • Update my web design
  • Be able to send out my CVs to different companies
  • Follow a daily exercise regimen + Yoga
  • Cook lunch
  • Coack weekly

It’s always very invigorating at the start to think I’m going to do something great, but it’s tiring not to see the immediate results honestly. Having few patience is definitely one of my weakness. I like to see consequence immediately.

So now, tis is me writing to remind myself: Not all worth doing will return benefits immediately. The beauty is in the wait, the grind and most of all, the discipline to see it through.

I truly wish though, that there’s that someone who has the exact same enthusiasm for improvements from a low point like me. Working with high players sometimes hits the self-esteem harder than what I can manage.