The Infrared Interest

When I bought the Fujifilm XT-10 with its lens, my first priority was to protect it. While I was hoping for a UV filter thread of its size, I found that the only available at the nearby camera accessory shop we have was an IR. So, it got me curious: “What does an infrared filter do?” I did some research and my curiosity got me drooling over the beauty of the white landscapes.

Sidetrack: Reason for the Season

This year I promised myself I would venture out and make myself more out there, so I’m doing a little project of my own in releasing hi-res photographs that will be available for public use, a credit would be nice but I hold nothing against for commercial use with or without it.There are only 2 things I’m against in regards to using my photo:

  1. Claiming it as your own
  2. Entering it into any contest with reward/award

My photographs are still mine after all: these were my experience, sight and memory. Please don’t desecrate it.

I’m hoping to release about 4 photos in a month or at least once a week. Usually, my adventure ranges from walks in the village I reside, so the challenge is to see different perspectives in everyday views.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the filter (yet).

I’m not saying mine is a replica, after all the only thing I did with this product in a coloration aspect is desaturate the green into white. After that, I flipped the image over and tried to clean the edges so it looked intertwined


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