How I Finished 3 Books in a Day

Ok this year I promised myself I would read more: to improve my skills and arsenal I could bring into my life and keep learning about things I wouldn’t want to learn the hard way. Get wisdom from those that have reached the top or gained the credentials I wish to share in my portfolio. Unfortunately, unlike my brother, I’m not a reader. The books I’ve read could be counted to a handful few, about 8 perhaps? So, I did myself a favor and bought Blinkist.

What’s Blinkist?

Well the notion is easy: they summarize the books you would’ve read for days in a few pointers, usually by 15 in which you could read in like 15mins as well max. If you get the mobile application you can also have the audio version which is comfortable if you like learning without straining your eyes.

You’re one hell of a Lazy Millennial

Yes and no. Yes, I’m lazy since I don’t get really good motivation to read. I’ve read some books that felt more like a waste of time rather than enlightenment which makes me have a pile of unfinished stacks of complied printed papers. Well, that’s the gap Blinkist closes: it makes me interested enough about the book and learn the gist of it, to some I would extend to opt to buy/borrow it. On others that didn’t catch my interest, I’ve learned some good pointers from their summaries. On the other hand, no is because I’ve decided to read at least 1 a day so I can a at least reflect on the pointers stated or even make a post about it. It’s not also just free, so I’ve given my commitment.

Finger Food vs Meal

Yes, Blinkist serves the lesson in bite-sized delicacies, it’s good to eat but I know I miss a lot of personal epiphanies the author could invoke. Meanwhile, rather than missing it all together, I believe this is a good alternative for a few bucks. In the application’s core service, there’s so much wisdom to learn.

There’s also a trial for 30 days just in case you want to try it out!

The 30 day trial definitely should give you a good preview of the experience. Overall, I was pleased with the investment I made. Although the lessons aren’t as lingering as you would’ve read a book, I bet writing my thoughts about each book in a post would help retain certain memories about my comprehensions.

So here’s to a more sensible and active posting for 2016!

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