Days with Nica: Discovering Sickness

Maybe I’m being melodramatic at 3am, but to have my little girl sick knowing she’s gotten me through a lot of things including the loneliness of being alone plunges me into a state of gloom.

She caught a sickness called Ehrlichiosis ever since last December and she hasn’t been completely well ever since. She’s timid, bleeding and having some appetite problems. Seeing her bleed makes my heart strings break. With her losing a lot of weight and turning into the fragile pup, you can only pity her in what she is. When she pat’s my knee to carry her, it’s such a painful experience to see such a great dog getting a step closer to uncertainty.

After having two inaccurate from a Veterinary  from Aguirre st., from just dental problems to a major blood parasite, she has had some treatment that required a dextrose, antibiotics and confinement at the hospital. Her whimpers were the worst. My 30 minute visit could turn in an hour everytime her voice echos through the room.

After 3 days of treatment, she got permission to leave the premises with continued medication. It was worth it to see her happy for a few days. She’s energetic, feeding and clearly better! But alas my happiness gets shaken. She bleeds once more through her nose. She’s sprayed a lot around the room due to sneezing. It’s horrible to see so much blood left around especially when she’s in an anemic state. I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn into a blood transfusion concern at this point.

Please pray for her as I do. She’s my greatest treasure in this earth and it would devastate me to lose her without fighting till the last of what I can.

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