Challenges, Failing at them and Trying Again

I’ve been watching a lot of Improvement Pill, Nathaniel Drew and Matt D’Avella lately and I’ve been learning a lot about discipline, challenges, success and reflecting on my failures.

The way these content creators were able to achieve a 30 day challenge of: Meditation, Journaling and Cold Showers is remarkable. I have never been able to hold that level of momentum which to some extent is embarassing. Life has been so easy to just shrink into the shell called comfort and just mention the mantra “I don’t need it.” I realize though after through a lot of sifting through wisdom that life starts crossing the borders of comfort and fear.

There’s only 4 months remaining till 2019 ends and I plan to achieve the following of which I will do 30 days consecutive:

  • Take Cold Showers to Work
  • Journal Daily on either 8am or 10pm
  • Publish a Blog on Mondays and Wednesdays probably on 8am if not 9
  • Publish a Vlog every Tuesday(???)
  • Meditate for an Hour, Daily on 11pm

Frankly, all of the ones I have listed other than the vlog are something I have miserably failed to maintain and so I rekindle my commitment.

As for the vlog, if you haven’t had been checking out my brother’s channel he’s been doing podcasts and it’s an amazing dream come true. Please do follow his blog and vlog as linked where you would find the content.

Bonus: I’ve been a guest in an episode

I guess I was just inspired by the courage and the enthusiasm to create new things. If some of you never knew, I used to do podcast but it wasn’t a sustainable passion. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it, but right now I have kickstarter funded a gimball, so I’ll try this vlogging craft out for now.

If any of you are interested in doing the challenge with me, do hit me up. I always believe that people that are accountable to each other for progress move further, and more determined.

To a better 2020 version for us all.

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