Day 50 of Awareness: Affirmation

It’s one thing to get a like in social media, it’s another to be told by a stranger you are “loved”, yet its a whole different level of presence when a loved one or a treasured friend tells you “I miss you”

While words have the power to deceive and break people, it also has the power to motivate and build them up. It has so much ability to change lives it’s definitely a wonder why people keep it so reserved to themselves when their statements could change the moment of someone on the brink of losing it. Give out your words if you think someone’s smile is beautiful, if the way they dressed is gorgeous or dashing, give a tissue note if you’re too shy with words. It pays to break away from shyness into acting on your capacity.

Protip: If you’re extremely shy to say anything, polish a smile that connotes the message, it might seem small but it’s a gesture that can deliver.

I’m not the someone that gets a lot of these messages from friends I look up to and I’m telling you that the few times I get them, it strikes a nail in the wood. The fact that someone you respect confirms your deliberate effort to live really rejuvenates a weary spirit. So, if you remember someone you missed the opportunity to greet, to send a message, or just feel like cheering someone up someone, do so. Don’t hesitate, you lose nothing only for both of you to gain something. A friendship that just gets better overtime.

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  • Anonymous but cute

    Been a while since I last read your stuff but I find that you are still very real, very inspiring..very human. Though the times may be hard or the debacles seemingly insurmountable, please keep strong. You inspire a lot more people than you think you do.

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