This is Your First Step to Fulfill your Dream

On the typical workforce schedule, we would usually have the last two days to spend for ourselves. The most common set up is Saturday is for rest and Sunday is for family. While Sunday, is often times requested by your loved ones, have you ever observed how you spend your Saturdays? What do you invest it on?

In general, “me time” may be beneficial for the short term, but how just how much benefit are you looking for in the long run? How do you spend it? Do you play a game? Lie down in bed all day? Watch series? Go retail therapy or exercise? Saturday is one of those days that you have full control of. Chances are, you could deny anyone the right to your time on this 6th day of the week, so what stops you from denying yourself from mediocrity?

The Future Relevance

Passion, goals, dreams and obsession. If any of these pluck a heartstring and you’re not doing anything to making yourself closer to achieving or incorporating your life into it, then you have a problem.

While others got blessed with the job that is in line with their interest, some don’t but we do have the skill for performing in the role assigned. For those that are in such situations, Saturdays become very important and probably something that would define your future. For in the 5 days of the week, you are exerting for another entity a supposed excellent result of your combined knowledge, management, execution and creativity. What then should be one more day but all that to you to devote to yourself?

You are the biggest investment you could place your assets into. Other than maintaining your present income and well being, you should also look forward to enhancing your current state of life each day. If you’re not actively seeking change and improvement, you leave yourself to rot. Passively, everything in this world degenerates with the lack of care, your future included.

Invest in your future, because other than being dead, you’d definitely get to reap its consequences or benefits. Hopefully, the latter.

Say No to being on Auto-pilot

A lot of us tends to go full on auto-pilot on Saturdays, like zombies on the loose: rabid for anything that we can get our hands on to satisfy our desires just because we got so exhausted the past 5 days. It takes a second level of awareness to tell yourself no to the sweet scent of procrastination. And honestly? It doesn’t take so much push when you are interested in pursuing a goal you look forward to. Heck it should feel like fresh air & a rest from all the daily grind.

Having a presence of mind about each plan you have, schedules to fulfill and activities to champion takes active participation on your behalf. Don’t expect to “live your passion” just because you want it. Life owes you nothing, nor does your company. But everything you can do to achieve it is under your nose. Most of the time, we just fail to see what we  have and utilize it to its fullest.

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