The Need for Momentum

You know how they say that motivation/inspiration is actually created by discipline? It’s quite the idea, but either has neither posessed me lately, so I’m doing anything I can to receive that purpose in life.

There are already things I know I’d want to happen such as:

  • Update my web design
  • Be able to send out my CVs to different companies
  • Follow a daily exercise regimen + Yoga
  • Cook lunch
  • Coack weekly

It’s always very invigorating at the start to think I’m going to do something great, but it’s tiring not to see the immediate results honestly. Having few patience is definitely one of my weakness. I like to see consequence immediately.

So now, tis is me writing to remind myself: Not all worth doing will return benefits immediately. The beauty is in the wait, the grind and most of all, the discipline to see it through.

I truly wish though, that there’s that someone who has the exact same enthusiasm for improvements from a low point like me. Working with high players sometimes hits the self-esteem harder than what I can manage.

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