Take the Cold Shower

I’ve never loved that chilling feeling that makes your skin crawl and your spine tingle, the way it wakes you up harshly like thousands of tiny needles puncturing your flesh but hey, it has it’s benefits.

Going to the shower is a staple in the schedule of a regular person. Although there’s a night shower cult, I will be talking to those that do it at the morning and are probably interested to do so after waking up in the morning.

To start, I’m a guy that loves hot showers: the steam, the warmth and the way it relaxes and makes me think is the perfect setting for me. I could stay in that kind of moment for an hour and never realize it. Meanwhile in a cold shower, I could only stand it till my lowest standards for feeling clean are met and I’m off that space.

So why am I asking you to take a cold shower?

Of course this may not be applicable for everyone especially for the soulless people that do cold showers as their staple. But here’s the thing: If you feel like you’re about to go against a giant in your life: a hard task, a strenuous day or a big huddle, you need to have that ball rolling, you need to feel like you can do it. Not all people have that strength to face big problems head on right away, but all people can face it once they have prepared for it.

Before you say “That’s it?”, here are scientific benefits of choosing the cold shower:

  • Improve Alertness
  • Relieves Depression
  • Healthier Skin and Hair
  • Better Blood Circulation

But beyond the benefits it gives to your body, the biggest one is the one it does to the way you think:

It gives you a sense of achievement that you’ve beaten yourself and that you are a winner.

There’s a high probability that if you’re into hot/warm temperatures that you will be giving yourself the best pep talk of your life before getting yourself wet. While most part of it is “You can do this” or “You’ll get through it” what’s important is that sense of encouragement that you believe in yourself. Because once you enter in that state of hell, you’re going to either have two moments: You’d have the epiphany of it isn’t so bad and you’ve managed to conquer your fears, or you’re going to have incoherent thoughts other than getting out of your misery. Regardless of the experience, what’s important is in the end. You won against you, and you have that first win of the day, all you need now is to make it count.


Former Chief of Operations and Technology, now a Grief Coach and studying Masters of Psychology. I'm going to help heal this broken world. Just had a renewed interest in photography for travel and film. Follow me in my adventures at instagram.com/kevinusaur

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