“But he had a lot of things to do by then, that’s why it got delayed by two months.” I reasoned. “Get shit done Kevin, I don’t need your reasons, I need results.” he replied.

The three wisest words and matra I live by in my job as COO.

Growing up in my transition to being chief of operations I realized one thing that I’ve always done that never got me or anyone arguing to a good end. I always reasoned when I was expected of results. Everytime I had to blurt out a what-I-think-is-reasonable mention of the situation I get one of the most wise and smart reply “Get shit done.” And when it comes down to business? There may be room for errors but there is absolutely no room for empty presentations.

Reasons are only prolonging something that should be done, and could be done with maybe some compromise. Most of the time in business, results is what matters, not how, not why — but the what and when. Reasoning only spells your lack of priority for the requested task.

I’ve had so many mistakes that I reasoned out and whether I am succcessful or not in the end it only exposes my incompetency and laziness to think of ways to make it work on time. It makes me stagnant in my ability because of either leniency of management or using my creativity for the wrong reasons.

While this principle is best effective at work, it can be done in any instance you are requested for. Before you do your best in finding the little hole to squirm through, ask yourself: Did I really give it my best for the result? Because when questions start to pop up, you need to be at a point that you could reply “We’ve already did that.” to every possibility until we  could conclude that an extension is necessary.

A company is not meant to be soft, it is not for each people that is in it. It is rarely that a body is glorified by only a body part while all else is left to rot. There might be instruments that have worked in the shadows, or parts that do better than the other, but placing all into one is a huge risk, and a loss given the instance. A business is its own entity, and to be part of it is to be part of something bigger, a community. To an extent you have to lose yourself and leave who you are at home and learn who to be at work. Because the office is fastest way to grow not because it cultures you carefully but the pressure squeezes the impurities out of you bringing the purest form of professionalism in your character.

From hereon out, I hope you see that results will always triumph over reasons. There will be times that you will be asked in excess and push turns to shove, but learn the heart of the request: excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best.

Chief Operating Officer of SEO-Hacker. I am driven to unlock human potential, drive and purpose. if you need directions let's talk.

Author: Kevin

Chief Operating Officer of SEO-Hacker. I am driven to unlock human potential, drive and purpose. if you need directions let's talk.

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