Read Me July

I honestly am not really enthusiastic to write as of the moment, but who is as a starting blogger right? But I might as well journal my life because a lot of significant event has happened and begun.

Teh Behguio Edventure

I just came back from a trip at Baguio courtesy of a good friend Jikay last Saturday. It was one week before her birthday and basically, she wanted to spend it a little more special than she does, hence a trip to the favorite summer capital of the Philippines. There was a lot of wonderful plans that were executed, surprising her with balloons and photos, bonfire and watching the sunrise. The adventure itself deserves its own blog post so I refuse to elaborate on it so much with this quick summary update of my existence.

There is no Design without Experience

I’ve been having this huge problem recently about translating the message that “experience is a core feature of design” to someone in the workflow, and it’s hampering my ability to process further tasks and responsibilities due to his negligence in understanding my simple belief.

Frustration is a huge understatement at this point, and I’m not sure how this certain thought could penetrate the thick walls that surround his processing mechanism to be injected with.

I will write about this topic, more than my concern soon.

Read Me

I’ve recently purchased a book titled “Read Me” by Roger Horberry and Gyles Lingwood and Im excited to study copywriting as it affects great conversion rates online. It’s one of my dream goals to master at this generation of digital marketing and sales.

And my first assignment is to write an article about “Why everyone should commit an imprisonable offence some time in their lives.”

A follow up would be “The case for cheating on your partner.”

Im excited.

Calligraphy or Lettering

I have right now a ZIG scroll and brush pen rested on my right ear, and a bond paper filled with scripts and light and heavy strokes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am improving my writing and futher enhance my love for types and make one.

It’s my de-stress exercise, I have a notebook that I do not plan to rip any pages of that only contains my calligraphy works. I don’t know what this will lead to, but maybe one of which is to change my signature to something nicer.

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