Nica: The first day

Darling dear, I know its not much, but for the first day we’ve spent together? It was lovely. I’m glad that this morning you know how to empathize. You understand that when I’m sleepy, you have to keep quiet and I also appreciate that when you have to go, you bark. We played the mornings like a team.

Potty training is never perfect, and I know that. Although you’ve done really well with your bowels in showing signs, I see that we still have some arguments about your urine but again, I love that you never soil on my brother’s carpet. I really appreciate it.

You’re loved Nica, your young charm, innocence and bliss is a beauty to each one of us that experience your life and energy, we have been graced by you. The whole office was.

You inspire me to know that my life is not just about me, and to love and to take care of someone is better than to gratify my desires and wallow in my comfort zone. I know its hard, I’m really disappointed about your urination as I haven’t been able to guide you right yet, but I’m sure with you shaping my patience and love, we will be able to get you through.

You are my girl, Nica.

Good night.

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