Haze Maze

There comes a time in life where all things boil down your way and the feeling of weight and pressure squeezes you down to the point that anxiety starts to ooze out on all the tiny pores in your body, and then you make that decision to let go, let loose and do something different for once and turns your disposition 180°.

Boiling Pot

With two developers with me on the journey of creation, I am now tasked to create designs like a hen feeding on laying mass, projects are sprouting from here, there and everywhere! While I’m loving the fact that the company is starting to grow exponentially with success in its sales team of one, and a talented marketing roster, unfortunately, the funnel for website creation isn’t as optimal as the company’s on-boarding potential.

One of the perks* of being in the adventure of a start-up company is always being a star player no matter what position you land at, you’re never going to be able to live the thrill with just one job in your hands, you can never excel in just one talent or skill, you have to or will be a master of two or more. Being a technical manager, CRO consultant, development specialist and a web designer, I had to juggle multiple responsibilities that crave for my loving affection and attention (and people ask me why I don’t have a romantic relationship yet, go figure.) I’ll be honest, I can’t handle multiple relationships, it’s not healthy for me and so there are others than I tend to leave compromised in the procrastinated zone.

You can’t possibly imagine how much tasks I have to balance based on priority, client and complexity of the assignment. I’m starting to let these two little chicks spread their wings and fly without my complete guidance. Thankfully, they haven’t hit the ground face first, my little babies are quite talented with their survival crafts and logical capabilities. This is for the debugging problem though, the design can never be processed without my vision to Photoshop on the other hand and I worry that I’m starting to lose my translation or worse, get burned out.

*depends on your perspective


I had the grace of getting a comeback invitation last Tuesday from the friend I have traded for emergency work, and boy was I glad for the second chance.

I’m not really the type to move distances nor to decide to plan thoroughly on what to go to and to do, but it went on and the lack of future thought was one of the best decision I have ever made. The laughs, the food and the exchange really proved to be what I craved for, a good reunion and fulfillment of a promise to a good friend from a long past.

The memory will live on with me forever. It’s the given first, but I sure hope it’s not the last.


I’m working outside now! (I miss you Pithree) Unfortunately, I do it with a broken laptop screen but on the plus side I was able to be given the blessing of a second-hand semi broke monitor of my brother, that is till completely broke and I bought a new one.

I have promised my self to earn an amount and I’m not quite reaching my financial goals, it seems like I’m stuck on an amount which doesn’t go up, it’s frustrating cutting off some sweet luxury and yet seeing no growth in savings. Interestingly, I wasn’t expecting a talk from a good friend Vince who proceeded to address some financial advice I am interested at and a wake up call I needed.

I’m looking forward in planning a better future for both me and the money I can save and invest.

Dear diary,

That will be all for now.

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