Family funkfest

I said it once, and I will say it again:

To go out with my family is always one of the highlights of my week.

The gentleness of my dad, the care of my mom and my artsy half that completes my vanity needs are the cherry to my dessert, I love them to tidbits, to each their own perk and quirk.

iHop ed to Eat Here

After listening to the preaching about being a blessing and the factors to be one such as the sense of touch and the spoken words, we ate at iHop and boy were the special entrees great! I forgot what the meal was called but as you can see from the featured photo, it was like a wrap of tomato, leafy greens, chicken meat and it comes with fries. I swear this is the first time I tasted a dish like it and it was superb for my taste. It’s one of those afternoons that you just go burp with contentment feeling your day fulfilled and you’re ready to go home and rest. Oh and of course I guess the iHop experience wouldn’t be complete without pancakes, so we got the New York just to say that hey, we ate at iHop with the right dish.


Vanity with Limits

But my family wasn’t really the type to go home just yet, especially me and my sister. We just had to take advantage of the nice park behind the restaurant and do a little photo shoot of ourselves, y’know, consent the vanity cravings. So, we did: A very minor one as we just had a few shots of each other before my camera died out and I couldn’t replace the battery, a conflict ensued which led us stranded without comfortable transportation.



Jars and Dreams

No matter, I was up to go to ATC anyway to buy something, so being left at Alabang wasn’t really too much of a doodoo. With the companionship of my sis, we went out into our very favorite mall in search of things we don’t need but want. I got mine, but she’s wise enough to still ponder about her savings and balance. But alas, behold the splurge of the moment: Mason jars from TrueValue, I bought a set of 12.


I’ll probably be doing a lot of refrigerated drinks and meals with these babies, lemon spikes, milk teas and cold coffee will definitely ensue from my feed that I can promise you.

Furry Welcome

As a last activity to end the day, I promised my lil’ sis I would fix her laptop at home on having problems to install applications, fortunately things went smoothly. The nice thing about going home other than feeling the great warmth of memories and minor nostalgia, is the good cheers and appreciation not only from our beloved house help, but also to my other favorite dog in the universe: Teddy.


That concludes my day. It’s been a while since I last personally blogged, and I’ve missed to tell you a lot of stories already. I’m quite sad about it, I wish I could recall and re-experience the personal incomplete writings I have as drafts and finish what i had in mind. Hopefully, maybe, I could get the enlightenment and inspiration to return to the past and find those stories to relive.


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