The Comfort of Tribes

In response to my recent post about being empty of life, there was an outpour of encouragement and empathy from similar individuals that experience the same thing. It was both enlightening and comforting on knowing I’m not alone. To all of you, thanks for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it.

Yet snuggling to a bunch of lost people isn’t exactly the best position to be in.

One conversation particularly struck me with the phrase:

(do the) “fake it til you make it” principle and you surround yourself with people sharing the same passion

(Shoutout to Rinz Ruiz!)

Quite honestly, I find it so hard to fake it when I can smell my own bull- expunging from my results but here’s to trying. One thing I’ve learned so far in my past quarter life crisis existence: The people who’re full of life learned to live beyond their suffering. Maybe it’s time I do some weight lifting and go beyond my bounds, do something stupid and something I’ve always cringed to try but find interest in.

This, I guess is a time to trade fear and shame for risks and do. Afterall, I have very little to lose at this point… that and maybe some “friends”.

I dedicate this adventure to everyone experiencing the same thing. To the lost, finding and trying; To the people who never gave up: Here’s to you and me, to our journey in finding buried treasures we’ve yet to uncover.

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