To the Man who Championed the Influence in my Life

Strong willed, pursuant, idealist and an achiever. I never even thought I would at any point follow you, it would’ve made more sense for me to deviate from your path and make my own, because yours was full of err, embarrassment and anarchy. I never liked you growing up, I wished you we’re never in a place of authority in my life. But you are, and aging further, I didn’t see why destiny chose you first over me, although I did enjoy your company. As I grew up, I now see why: you tugged my weight, strummed my strings, and challenged my capability. You are the rough stone that I go through that fixes my dull sides to a sharper edge, and who I am right now could be credited to you in a vast amount: my vision, achievements and goals. God made no mistake in placing me behind you, because he knew, you’d take me the farthest than any leader could’ve in this world.


Cunning, sly and witty, you’ve gained my respect and my disdain as we grew up. You’ve always asked to be served and honored with consequence on disobedience, yet you didn’t provided enough performance for this authority other than your birthright. I grew resentful of your luck and the power it bestowed upon you, how could fate be so cruel to me? As I climbed the stairs head bowed down, you didn’t care, you went on with 5 steps ahead of me which makes me wonder, could I even make a switch, is there a choice for replacement? Unfortunately no, I had to make do with you. I thought you were irresponsible as someone older because of your head on attitude to charge straight on and far without much caution, thought or care only to learn that your advancement and exploration was a preparation for not only your future, but mine as well.


Here I am writing this at the comfort of my own place, my personal desktop, independent from my parents’ roof, earning on my own sustainment with the salary of a privileged soul. I’m employed at a company that counts my growth as a person as the company’s progress, and keeps testing my mettle to being a leader. I’m segregated from being just another cog in the mechanism, my ability to offer my skills at the table turned from a single twig to an array of sharp arrows. There was a provision of an immense room to develop, as myself or my service, and the credit to be given for this luxury is to the company’s philosophy, your philosophy.


You’ve never accepted ‘no’ for an answer, you always had a thing to break the general notion and be successful with it. Not even your parents’ boundaries kept you in mediocrity, you pushed through odds to be excellent and the combination you have been blessed with: your passion, drive, perseverance and faith made you the successful man you are today. Today, I’ve followed behind you with an attitude of an apprentice rather than an apathetic, to learn from your mistakes became my wisdom, your success became my own and your dreams became my future. When we we’re kids I’ve made it a goal to walk against your back, to run the furthest of what I can from you, but now it is my greatest aspiration to be rightfully deemed as your brother. It’s now my honor to see your accomplishments, to the company you built, the life you live and the family you’ve loved.I have now accepted and pride myself on the compliment to be called “Sean’s brother.”


I know I haven’t wrote you a letter for your birthday at 2014. So here’s my message, to the greatest sibling and example to me: My growth, life, decisions and character is due to you at most, and to replace you with anyone will alter my life immensely to the point that I’m certain I will not be who I am, no leader has handled me any better than you did. The manifestation of confidence, responsibility, discipline and faith I now hold is due to your diligent tutelage and mentorship whether I desired it or not. You were patient with me, you took the mantle, championed the faith, reinforced masculinity and influenced my life in guiding me to better paths. I am immensely grateful for your attendance.


There is certainty from experience, that I know your son would grow up great as he will be nurtured under the leadership of the man who has developed my life for the better if not the best.

Belated Happy Birthday Ahia! Love you!


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  • This is really sweet. As an eldest child, I can only hope to make as much impact in my younger siblings’ lives. :)

    • A

      The eldest sibling does hold a good amount of influence to their younger ones, I remember my brother signing up to be an officer for C.A.T. and I found myself doing the same thing as well. Whether we admit it or we look to your experiences and growth and move accordingly to our opinion of it. If you see your them getting better each day as you strive your best to be a great sister, warm your heart knowing that you’re doing well in putting out breadcrumbs to guide them to a great path :) I wish you well, love and bliss on your upcoming wedding Nicole!

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