Day 100 of Awareness: Firsts

Today, marks my first guest post if my memory serves me right, and it feels good to give a good word out on a different channel than mine.

It might seem simple and easy, but the thing is, what I wrote there is my personal experience, and something I would love to have here on my site yet I gave it out. It’s a strange feeling but I have no regrets, after all, the subtle goal is to have a mood and discipline for writing. I’ve realized that it’s hard to write about something when you can write anything, so if others aren’t going to determine the constraints of your ability, you should.

The firsts are scary, but after accomplishing it, it feels like you’re set for a good momentum. I am, and I’m willing to go with how the experience got me giddy for a next one. Yes, I’m definitely open for another post. I’m starting to enjoy writing and doing brain farts on whim, I guess the violin lessons are really doing their job. I hope to enjoy this practice more than I should, and find something that is worth being passionate about.

If you’re curious about what I wrote, here it is: Finding Healing: Acceptance. The site is owned by a good friend of mine, Aubrey who has seen me in the baby steps of my blog.

If any of you want me to write something on your blog, hit me up! Just give me a topic to juggle around and I’ll be glad to keep your site active for you :)

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