Day 100 of Awareness: Firsts

Today, marks my first guest post if my memory serves me right, and it feels good to give a good word out on a different channel than mine.

It might seem simple and easy, but the thing is, what I wrote there is my personal experience, and something I would love to have here on my site yet I gave it out. It’s a strange feeling but I have no regrets, after all, the subtle goal is to have a mood and discipline for writing. I’ve realized that it’s hard to write about something when you can write anything, so if others aren’t going to determine the constraints of your ability, you should.

The firsts are scary, but after accomplishing it, it feels like you’re set for a good momentum. I am, and I’m willing to go with how the experience got me giddy for a next one. Yes, I’m definitely open for another post. I’m starting to enjoy writing and doing brain farts on whim, I guess the violin lessons are really doing their job. I hope to enjoy this practice more than I should, and find something that is worth being passionate about.

If you’re curious about what I wrote, here it is: Finding Healing: Acceptance. The site is owned by a good friend of mine, Aubrey who has seen me in the baby steps of my blog.

If any of you want me to write something on your blog, hit me up! Just give me a topic to juggle around and I’ll be glad to keep your site active for you :)

Day 99 of Awareness: Sickness

Maybe things aren’t going your way, not the way you have planned. It sucks, but it doesn’t have to. It all depends what perception you’re going to use in the situation.

I’ve been sick a whole week last week; and sleeping for hours with 15 minutes interval of consciousness isn’t exactly a life anyone would want especially on how shitty it feels to have a migraine that makes me faint in pain and a body that doesn’t want to work. But here’s the thing about sickness, you could choose to see it as being a paralysis from doing the things you want, or the opportunity to do the things you fail to do with your busy life. I couldn’t do work, but I was able to do something that I haven’t done for a long time which I believe is important but never got to enforce in my life.


You see, I’m a Christian and I believe in the power of prayer to a supernatural God, and as someone that has been in romantic “relationships”, I have seen the necessity of communication to fall deeper. It was a good moment to bask in the supernatural for once in a long time and it really changes the perception of an individual from a genie, to a friend.

Whether you do believe in God, it pays to reflect on your life without the ability to be busy, to figure out where you are, where you want to go and if you’re at the right track. I do believe that prayer whether out of context Biblically, to psychologically throw the stress and weight of your shoulder to a good faith pays off.

My instance was sickness, I hope that when things don’t fall into your plans that you see, everything happens for a reason and there’s always a silver lining in the dark clouds. Don’t let sadness take you over, keep having an open mind, and maybe in another view, the sun would shine brightly down on you.

Day 95 of Awareness: Family

I’ve just recently recovered from sickness which got me staying in bed for a week.

For you who think that, that is “the life”, please don’t get it wrong. It was a horrible feeling, the lack of results and the failure to achieve goals everyday was a discouraging session. But I’m not here to discuss such trivial matters for this post, today I post about those people who have no choice but to stick by your side, your mother, father and your siblings.

I see myself as a lone wolf type. “Do not ask help unless needed so that others won’t have the right to ask you back” is my mantra. So can you imagine me surviving in my room with the capacity of a slug to move around? I survived with three loaves of bread and 3 cups of water in a day, I could. But here’s the thing: My mom won’t let me.

As much as I’d love my peace, quiet, solitude and rest with an aching head, body, chest and throat, nothing beats the incessant request of mom to bring you her chicken noodle soup. It was the best meal for my soggy body. Dad was competitive in making a mark as well, taking time to take me to the doctor when I couldn’t take it and giving advices that I didn’t wanted to hear but had some truth in it, is a gesture i truly appreciated.

Brother was more of “Get well, I got this.” You would only know how gracious this is in being an employee.

Now while this sounds as me trying to brag about my “perfect” family, it’s not. You see, we’re not perfect and that’s the thing I want to emphasize here. Heck we’re even going through a family problem currently that tackles about the imperfections of how our formative years were chaotic and down right wrong in some aspects. We’re not an affectionate family at all, nor people who love to tackle hardships directly. We have a lot of dirt under the rug but when push comes to shove, I see the foundation and it is good.

I’m pretty sure your family has its story, to some that have entirely broken ones: I’m sorry and I really hope an intervention happens to cure your pain. But to those that can converse, those without ill-will and have just gotten stale, never forget them, don’t let the tinder die. Some people find love to love others, parents will love to have their children be vulnerable in their adult stages. Do I regret asking my family for help? No. Did I benefit from their effort? Yes, immensely.

In the end, no stranger could ever care for you more than your family and that is the greatest investment you could make, learn and know what makes them happy as you will need them sooner or later.

Day 64 of Awareness: Environment

I’ve been going to the gym lately and I realized how different it is that doing it at home.

As social beings (no matter how introverted you are), there’s a huge difference on your perception based on what surrounds you. At home, it’s easy to make the excuse of not doing a single exercise because, well, the laptop, the lack of equipments and the bed; After it comes to overcoming the initial inertia which is “going to the gym,” the motivation suddenly shifts from “Ugh, the gym.” to “Well, the gym.”

This principle is not necessarily applicable to all people or instance, but to those especially susceptible alteration and the lack of discipline, well, you and me pal.

There are probably two  channels that took a part of shaping your character and attitude: your internal conviction and external influence. As for internal conviction, let’s tackle that for another time. But you can be sure the internal is definitely affected by the external matters. So, mind where you are, where you spend your time and what compromises them the most, because if you don’t, you’re letting trash through your system without a filter.

Your environment does a lot to your subconscious, so pay attention. If you’re lazy at work: are you friends with the diligent teammates or are you with the whiny group? If you’re not thinking forward: are you with the people who think about how to pay the bills or the people who think of investments? Who you surround yourself dictates you.

As Jim Rohn said: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.