5 Reasons Why You Should Start Now

Have you ever thought about your dreams and aspirations but always had a rebuttal or reasons to deny them to reality? We all have gone there, our desire to pursue illustration without the talent, the idea to write a song without music, create a vlog, be viral, achieve fame. We were created with so much potential in us, we hold infinite amount of possibilities on where we put our heart and effort to, to set out and pursue our passionate goal to what we consider our life’s success. Yet we confine all these potential to our minds, the great generator of equations and solutions, an organ that’s not even making up even 1/5 of our whole being. Don’t you realize that as long as we limit the idea there, it will always just be dwelling among your cells? It keeps you alive but it won’t make your life any better by letting its purpose stay unfulfilled.

So go on, take a breath of courage, take the first step, if you will fail, shame is only a temporary feeling, it will pass, its a small dent to your glorious end. Shame may last for a long moment, but the fulfillment of seeing yourself take the confidence and pursuing your dreams will dwell with you for eternity.

There’s so much to learn to start, it may be hard, you may have doubts, concerns and fear, but to make the first step takes it all away. Because once you make the commitment, you know you will handle what comes your way, with experience or not, you will learn, grow and get going.

Leading the Charge

Among your peers, people and population, there will always be someone with the same fire in their hearts like you, people that don’t have the courage to begin, people begging for an example. Whether it be hobby or a passion, the waiting hearts look for and love someone that they could start with in the same generation, new to the scene that they could learn hand in hand to progress towards success.

Being a leader of the charge will create in you more drive to pursue your goal with the pressure of a number of co-enthusiast looking up to your example. Things that you could’ve done well could possibly end up with excellent quality instead, you will check yourself more, be more conscious about your thoughts and your focus; making you twice as productive as you would do with a sub-par effort with the mentality of “I’m just one out of the thousands.”

Your Initiation is a Contagion

Nothing can start without a beginning, a beginning would always demand persistence and persistence will thrive in numbers.

If you could get a group no matter how small, even if it means just you and someone, start something together and do it with faithful consistency and you will see interest will start to spring here and there. As long as you do something with a lot more passion than your shame, people will take notice, interest and desire your culture.

People will be the key to pursuing your dream. You will need the competition, the encouragement and the appreciation of those around you. As one, you may see your goal as a stretch above your limits, but huddle a family and you just might go above what your wildest imagination can conjure.

The journey to your achievement would probably be like climbing a mountain hill, the climb might be steep and require twice the effort to reach the top, but with other pushing with you, it might not seem as heavy anymore and when you reach the peak, you’d realize your aspiration only needs just one little nudge to have it roll down and be an unstoppable force by itself.

Be the Sign Others are Looking For

Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push – Joker

Okay, that might not be the best term to describe pursuing your dream but hey, lets face it: Going for something you’re not 100% secure about has madness playing its part in the event. But don’t worry, you’re not the one being pushed to madness for this point, you will be the one pushing others.

We all keep a lot of secrets even though its not something that would place dirt on our names or reputation, we’re just scared of change and challenges but companionship helps makes those burdens feel less heavy on us which makes the consideration of the uncertain feel a little more certain. Especially when its a friend or a person of your influence, your move would mean a lot to to let go of their inhibitions and with arms wide open claim: “This is it.”

While others have greater guts or resources to go for the goal, others might be praying for a push from the divine to get them going.

Be lightning to the thunder, you might just be a flash, but you will make the rumble that affects the lives of many.

Attention bears Attraction

If you feel like you’re alone in your love, make it public. No one will know your fancy if you just keep it with you. For those that find your expansion irritating, kick em at the groin unless they pay you in cash for your sulking at the corner. The higher the structure, the deeper its foundation. There will be a lot of dirt you will go through, but if this means that you will  be found by someone with a common interest, I tell you, its worth it.

If you are to make yourself better in your interest, you would need other iron’s beside you. Let’s face it, your mom would always be biased with your performance. You need mentors, and geeks with you to be critical of your rooms for improvements. These people can only be aware of you if you get their attention, and to be within their radar you would need the help of media to propagate your dream, and to be in the media, you have to start to take a step forward.

More to Learn less to Fear

Conceptualizing your path to the most specific details and possibilities will always have fear creeping in somewhere in your thoughts, the number of what-ifs in your mind will start to drown you out of focus and into a spiral down the drain along with your thousand of brilliant ideas crumpled and broken due to fear’s stain.

So, don’t.

Just prepare what you need, ask around and march straight ahead, Taking hold of a life goal isn’t marching through a war that you need the guns, ammunition and the armor all prepared in before your march. It’s more of a trip to the mall: all you need is the right list of things to buy, experience the location and find the great deals. That way you will be leaving in the end with what you came for and end up gaining more than what you had before you started your adventure.

Just like having whip cream over your latte won’t make your cup overflow, all you need is balance to your dreams and needs.

It shouldn’t put out the balance in your life, it should be what keeps you positive and enthusiastic about your tomorrow in getting your next dosage of days instead.

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