The 3 Steps to solve those Lingering Problems

Have you ever had those problems that just won’t go out? It lingers and no matter how much action you do to chase it or shoo it off, it just returns back relentlessly making matters for you to be restless.

Working with these Pests

One night I was sitting infront my computer and doing what I do with work when I noticed a mosquito buzzing around me. Now, I take these matters seriously as I hate mosquito bites and the rising related epidemic in its relation. So when I see it in my peripheral on in my front view, I make sure to give an effort to slap it off of existence.

Unfortunately, its easier said than done considering I’m working on a U space setting with so much items around me that it distorts clear view of the insect. After awhile I gave up and resumed work, fortunately it didn’t proceed to take a sip of my blood while I was intensely stressed.

Of course all things come to an end and I needed some good shuteye, so I switched the lights off, jumped onto the bed and thought about counting sheep. Lo and behold, of all the times to bug me, it first made an itch mark on my leg. When I covered it up, it took another on my arm then lastly on my cheek. This is all happening while slapping at unusual sensations on my skin.

Being pissed at the wee hours of the night and irritated, I opened the lights and started rummaging through the blinds, sheets and corners to get it out to no avail of success. So lastly, I decided to sit down on the floor exhausted but intently waiting on the culprit. Then on an opportunity, it landed down on my leg for a few seconds when I was about to react, it flew away only to land at the floor beside my foot… which I gave a good slap that ended the problem and made a satisfying splat on my leg and palm.

As I lay on my bed thinking about the occurrence I realize its relevance to my solving of problems.

Solving Patiently but with clear Intent

I’ve had so much problems in my life that I chased for and pursued continuously but never were able to apprehend to a solution: there’s money, dreams, goals and tasks to be done — All these requirements happening while I was busy solving other bigger or smaller means but at the end of the day, comes back to haunt me.

That’s when I realized:

Thinking about a problem never solves it.

The solution won’t present itself tomorrow or yesterday

I bet we could all agree that if I spared some time early on with the same procedures, I could’ve avoided getting some swollen skin and itchy patches.

Sometimes we just whiff through problems thinking “It can be done later on.” and realizing “later on” was 6 months after on which it sprouted and even more. Problems are best solved as early as possible else you’d put its priority further and further while its casualty grows bigger and bigger. As my journey starts to be a complete Chief Operating Officer of the company, I’m starting to learn that if things can be done now, there’s no better time and the worse time to do it is tomorrow. Delaying without deadline sets any importance to be forgotten.

Delaying is not a solution.

So first principle in solving lingering problems is to make time for a solution. “Multitasking” with it as one of the many agendas won’t ensure its disappearance.

Respond to Act

While waving my hand and slapping (air) for the mosquito, I was hoping to ensure its demise only to shoo it away for sometime. That did not conclude the end obviously, it just delayed the inevitable of why its loitering: to get some of my lifeblood.

In the end, rather than just doing in what I think was my best active resort, was bested by simply remaining in wait.

When trouble comes our way, sometimes we feel so confident in solving it only to realize that that was not the problem in the first place. If the problem has lingered for so long before you took time, surely it must have a reason of the lack of something. In cases like these we have to meditate on the situation and the symptoms that come with it. Understand the case, figure out the details and then make a strategy to stomp it out once and for all. Just because you felt some relief doesn’t mean you’ve fulfilled its shortcomings, maybe what you hit was its effect more than the root cause.

Sometimes the greatest answer to a persistent trouble is to be patient with it.

Attention is a must, for a clear and concise plan of action against your troubles. Know your problem before acting on it.

Not all solutions are equal

When it made its first entrance while anticipating its attack, my first reaction was to slap it while it was on my leg but doing so would probably render a missed opportunity once again due to a miss — that’s to say that maybe I had a really bad aim at a sleepy 2am state.

The way you execute resolutions for your problems has its effects on a grander scale especially when done so with delay. Moving forward straight on wouldn’t mean it would deliver the best result while it may conclude the problem. While trying to weigh your options, don’t always go for the easy ones, select the ones that ensures the total answer to lifelong cures for recurring nuisances.


While the little bugger seemed like such a small problem, it had it big lesson for introspection on external means. In trying to see things differently, there’s so much lesson to learn on how to make things work in your favor rather than just following as if it was a one way existence.

Take attention to detail, it will go a long way on how keen you intake information about matters.



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