Day 7 of Awareness: Passing Opportunities

Ideas come and go, and that’s the crucial thing about it. You either have to seize it or expect it to fly you by with regrets.

Day 5 and 6 got skipped for the reason that the brilliance escaped. Have you ever had that idea over the shower, or on the road which made your eyes sparkle and got your fingers giddy to type? Yeah, it happened. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t accommodate access to be able to establish it’s existence to fruition. There was a lingering idea in those two days that coining felt like digging dirt for archeological treasure — the only challenge is there is no map to give a clue.

Of course, in full transparency laziness also played it’s part in discouraging acts of urgency for the seed of thought. Don’t follow my failure.

Value Urgency

Urgency is one of the most winning commodity in any transaction. It is what defines a winner and a loser, and a hard lesson to learn especially for the entitled. Don’t wait, start considering time to be limited. Always be on guard and aware because the best opportunities don’t come in the most comfortable times. As someone that values ideas, avoid my mistake. Be sure to keep a way to record your thoughts right away whether through a device or by paper, limit your prejudice and do what you can to keep those winning concepts alive.

Former Chief of Operations and Technology, now a Grief Coach and studying Masters of Psychology. I'm going to help heal this broken world. Just had a renewed interest in photography for travel and film. Follow me in my adventures at

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