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Grief and Life Coach in Manila

Working on Myself in Progress

I’ve been looking for work ever since December since I’ve officially resigned from my 11 year employment and company. One of the biggest thing I’ve realized is my lack of investment in myself regarding the skills I have given to cultivate clients and companies: SEO, Social Media Management and Web Design and Development are scarecely used for myself that I have to scramble to look up which client would fit their criteria best rather than showing my own site as the ultimate standard.

It’s frustating. I think this is one of the biggest mistake of my life that I choose to correct now. From hereon out, I will market me. I’m setting out to learn, expand and apply what I am interested in on my brand. I’ve been very interested in AI technologies lately, and have found a lot of joy in curating AI images generated from self hosted versions of “Stable Diffusion”.

Though, I have to say, AI is still very controversial. As I share the joy of the generated pictures, I see in my facebook feed how there are people against what I am enjoying. I’m not sure if these people detest me or anything, but I hope not. I brand what I do as a curated rather than an artist.

Here’s to me on marketing myself and most of all, to give value to those that are searching. It’s a few days till Christmas, and I wish everyone including you an answer to our search for meaning in this very anxious and inconsistent time.

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