Day 26 of Awareness: Having Rest

In a world that’s fast-paced, demanding, and full of competition, we think that it is necessary to be the most hardworking above all: the one who gets the least sleep, the one who uses the least breaks and the most hours invested into work.

Work is a God given gift for people to be productive with their goals, less time to be idle, achieve something and strike a purpose. But it is very essential that in this life, we have to have all things in balance to achieve the best result. There are those workers whose enthusiasm to perform seems tireless with their craft. Now while every manager appreciates the grinding source of operations, every good leader knows that that fire is going to snuff out without a good rest to balance the intensity.

Have your rest, and rest well and to the fullest.

In the Bible, even the omnipotent God rested on the 7th day, what more the mortal human? Especially for the people that work much of the hours in their desk which would probably entail being slouched and infront of a monitor: you need the sun and the walk to keep your body and mind nourished.

To the invested: Travel out. Once in a while is definitely good for your spirit. To see the world and understand others with another culture, to get inspiration from another scene and life to move out of your comfort zone, lessen the movement of wheels and move the distance with your legs. Get different, use difference as inspiration rather than a source of fear.

To the thrifty: Find the right friends. As an introvert that recharges alone, having the right friends that know how to budget their money and invitation is priceless. Thankfully, I have them and without a doubt being with them rests me in all the aspects that needs recharging.

To the lost: Find it in art. A camera, paintbrush, pen or a book can do wonders for matters beyond physical. Get a chair, a cup of tea or coffee and but that pent up emotion or words into something physical. Because humans are made to express, create and multiply what we have in this world.

Rest is not necessarily only for the weary, for the tired and for the exhausted, it is better to rest to stay healthy than to survive. The common notion is not always right, and the norm should not demand compromise. No one will pay the price of your choices more than you.

Now go get some rest, you deserve it more than you think.

Day 8 of Awareness: Recovery

Patience, time, effort and a solution will take it’s season to process but nonetheless if you let it work with you you will reap it’s rewarding benefits.

Coming from a point of bronchitis where coughs were bleeding and it was difficult to function, after 5 sets of medication it’s now so smoother to breathe and to cough as well. The world now is so fast paced that we think we are entitled for a quick healing and sickness is a hiccup in our utopian body. It’s not. When sickness comes, and you’re unable to function properly, it is a byproduct of your ignorance to notice signals and messages.  Being ill is an effect and not an accident you cannot avoid, it can be avoided most of us just don’t care how to.



Day 7 of Awareness: Passing Opportunities

Ideas come and go, and that’s the crucial thing about it. You either have to seize it or expect it to fly you by with regrets.

Day 5 and 6 got skipped for the reason that the brilliance escaped. Have you ever had that idea over the shower, or on the road which made your eyes sparkle and got your fingers giddy to type? Yeah, it happened. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t accommodate access to be able to establish it’s existence to fruition. There was a lingering idea in those two days that coining felt like digging dirt for archeological treasure — the only challenge is there is no map to give a clue.

Of course, in full transparency laziness also played it’s part in discouraging acts of urgency for the seed of thought. Don’t follow my failure.

Value Urgency

Urgency is one of the most winning commodity in any transaction. It is what defines a winner and a loser, and a hard lesson to learn especially for the entitled. Don’t wait, start considering time to be limited. Always be on guard and aware because the best opportunities don’t come in the most comfortable times. As someone that values ideas, avoid my mistake. Be sure to keep a way to record your thoughts right away whether through a device or by paper, limit your prejudice and do what you can to keep those winning concepts alive.

Day 4 of Awareness: Thinking Business

When you have a supportive entrepreneur brother, you absolutely have the world behind your back to conceive the impossible and the plunge into the scary.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It’s not much of a secret that working for a business sustains you, but setting up a business would take you where you want to go. Of course this comes with the fine print of having at the very least twice the grind, investment and the risk you’re going to be placing than under employment. But after serving under an office for 6 years, there is a sense of longing to have a taste of growth based on full interest and decisions.


Now while, innovation and unique concepts is nowhere in my strongest suit, the cliche special ingredient about the concoction is the love for the subject and to make it different. It’s a product to receive but a service to create, medium will be online shop but I still aim to make it’s physical counterpart.

Nothing is set on stone yet, but the research on raw materials and process has already begun. Be good to me 2017.