Developing Stock Photography

So as you all may know I’ve been into taking photographs for some time and I have gathered a lot of shots here and there that I’ve never posted from adventures with family and friends of which I thoroughly enjoy. Well rather than keeping it all to myself and either ending in the dustbin or just in a backup drive, I’ve decided to release and share it to the public and maybe it could help with some of your projects instead.

I’ve already bought a CDN to store my files so it doesn’t chunk my hosting with the MB’s of JPEGs straight from the cam, the site design is getting developed and my photos are getting organized. Images will definitely be given free of charge but I hope to place an option to donate so you can help with my initiative and also add to the collection if you want. I’ll be sure to give a link back to your site or email when it gets approved. :)

So here’s to a new project that makes me feel a little more alive lately.

In other news:

Last few days ago, was the first time I possibly felt a sleep paralysis: wherein my chest felt heavy and I couldn’t breathe in sync with my body. Arms can’t move no matter how hard I struggle and same with my eyelids. It has been said that the chances of experiencing that is increased when lying on your back. Well… I’ve always liked lying on my left side.

The Comfort of Tribes

In response to my recent post about being empty of life, there was an outpour of encouragement and empathy from similar individuals that experience the same thing. It was both enlightening and comforting on knowing I’m not alone. To all of you, thanks for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it.

Yet snuggling to a bunch of lost people isn’t exactly the best position to be in.

One conversation particularly struck me with the phrase:

(do the) “fake it til you make it” principle and you surround yourself with people sharing the same passion

(Shoutout to Rinz Ruiz!)

Quite honestly, I find it so hard to fake it when I can smell my own bull- expunging from my results but here’s to trying. One thing I’ve learned so far in my past quarter life crisis existence: The people who’re full of life learned to live beyond their suffering. Maybe it’s time I do some weight lifting and go beyond my bounds, do something stupid and something I’ve always cringed to try but find interest in.

This, I guess is a time to trade fear and shame for risks and do. Afterall, I have very little to lose at this point… that and maybe some “friends”.

I dedicate this adventure to everyone experiencing the same thing. To the lost, finding and trying; To the people who never gave up: Here’s to you and me, to our journey in finding buried treasures we’ve yet to uncover.

The Death of Passion

I’m not sure if you’ve seen me work my way with activities such as: photography, social media, writing, web design and development. I’ve been very interested in these following tasks especially when a hard one comes along but right now, with work eating up my time and my failure to cultivate them, I think… I’ve lost it.

When I hear the millennial quote “Live your passion” at this point in time, I don’t know what to live for. I tried my hands once again in web design and I don’t have the same spark. Similar with development, I can only see myself fixing bugs not developing solutions to a problem. Don’t get me talking about photography which I already plan on selling my cameras now.

Is there a way to revive what was once so lively?

Well, I don’t have a solution yet for this problem but I would like you to heed that prevention is better than cure. If you have something you love, make sure you pursue it endlessly, give it time and make time for it. I’ve focused to much on work that I’ve neglected the fire, and it’s so hard to get a tinder out of the ashes of what’s left.

Day 100 of Awareness: Firsts

Today, marks my first guest post if my memory serves me right, and it feels good to give a good word out on a different channel than mine.

It might seem simple and easy, but the thing is, what I wrote there is my personal experience, and something I would love to have here on my site yet I gave it out. It’s a strange feeling but I have no regrets, after all, the subtle goal is to have a mood and discipline for writing. I’ve realized that it’s hard to write about something when you can write anything, so if others aren’t going to determine the constraints of your ability, you should.

The firsts are scary, but after accomplishing it, it feels like you’re set for a good momentum. I am, and I’m willing to go with how the experience got me giddy for a next one. Yes, I’m definitely open for another post. I’m starting to enjoy writing and doing brain farts on whim, I guess the violin lessons are really doing their job. I hope to enjoy this practice more than I should, and find something that is worth being passionate about.

If you’re curious about what I wrote, here it is: Finding Healing: Acceptance. The site is owned by a good friend of mine, Aubrey who has seen me in the baby steps of my blog.

If any of you want me to write something on your blog, hit me up! Just give me a topic to juggle around and I’ll be glad to keep your site active for you :)