Dust Particles

Woke up today with my throat a little sore, I’m guessing it was because it’s the first time I placed the fan towards me while there was a curtain across my head that wasn’t really moved too much. The air direction might have shuffled the cloth and in turn had some dust moving around, unfortunately my oral crevice is near to suck some in.

It’s not necessarily a bad morning but it certainly not a pleasant start.

Adding to this, I’m quite sure I had a sad dream but I couldn’t recall what happened, but it troubles me up till now. Strange, I’ve been waking up to so much negative vibes lately. Its quite disappointing that I couldn’t recall what it is to get it off my shoulder.

Shifting to the bright side, if things go according to plan I hope to post an article about a challenge a friend asked me to write about soon and a whole lot more, probably more about philosophy though. Hopefully soon, I will be inspired and be able to write a tutorial instead.

Starting with Coffee with Tea

Today,  Im turning over a new leaf (again), enough with my late night works and late morning wake ups. I realized after a few repetitions, its unproductive for both my body and my mind. The past few weeks that I’ve been sleeping at 4am and waking up at 10am felt so bad: I woke up sluggish and drained out then a surge of energy comes at about 6pm onwards — probably the worst way to collaborate with the team at the office.

So, last night I decided to sleep earlier (is 12am early?) with my thoughts lingering about waking up at 9am tomorrow. Lo and behold, I got out of bed at 8:56am. Its a miracle! It felt great with a hint of groans, I jogged a few, did very minor workouts and my morning felt right. I missed the sensation of starting well.

As the office started to fill up with people, I thought: Why not share the good Monday vibes? So after asking around, I brewed coffee for some that accepted the offer, to each their own mix (Who would’ve thought coffee goes well with Ovaltine?). As for me? Black coffee and Earl Grey green tea does the trick, as I took the first sip, I already felt how good this week will be — God willing of course.

Nica: The first day

Darling dear, I know its not much, but for the first day we’ve spent together? It was lovely. I’m glad that this morning you know how to empathize. You understand that when I’m sleepy, you have to keep quiet and I also appreciate that when you have to go, you bark. We played the mornings like a team.

Potty training is never perfect, and I know that. Although you’ve done really well with your bowels in showing signs, I see that we still have some arguments about your urine but again, I love that you never soil on my brother’s carpet. I really appreciate it.

You’re loved Nica, your young charm, innocence and bliss is a beauty to each one of us that experience your life and energy, we have been graced by you. The whole office was.

You inspire me to know that my life is not just about me, and to love and to take care of someone is better than to gratify my desires and wallow in my comfort zone. I know its hard, I’m really disappointed about your urination as I haven’t been able to guide you right yet, but I’m sure with you shaping my patience and love, we will be able to get you through.

You are my girl, Nica.

Good night.

When was leadership a cause for respect?

We slowly drifted in an age of the mindset of perceiving what has been in history becomes an inheritance to us in practice. Mistakes, glories, tragedies, standards and structure, we started to take the tiny bits of details we desire in these concepts and believe we are part of it. But did we really live the way they lived to be called a rightful heir to our desired benefits?

Knowledge doesn’t make you any more of a leader, power doesn’t make you more correct than your subordinates and being a superior shouldn’t cause you to exert less effort in creating a more meaningful environment.

As leaders of a belief, people started to mistake their authority to be absolute. A false power started to spring from charm rather than respect. Leadership was now more bestowed rather than earned.

Growing up, I was raised in a practice of being mentored to help nurture the inner curiosity, to satisfy the crevice in existence, I was under tutelage of a man unrelated by blood. I learned and understood more in life under his advocacy. A man who believed more in words rather than in action though, a man of knowledge rather than performance. In instances, he spoke with awe theories but nonetheless, words that have never inspired action in me.

The brand ‘leader’

The greatest test of a leader would arguably be in the times of turmoil. To walk in the path of the ordinary requires no leader, to enter a fray or foreign territory is; and to be in such, there will always be preparation and unprepared instances that will cause conflict.

Yes, I am guilty that I have always desired the title and never claimed one, but then I realized, after a number that has succumbed to the title, only to be corrupted by its authority that it is but better to live like one rather than to hold one.

Don’t chase for the title, live it. Leadership earned by respect holds more power than charm.


Because of the progressive consistent changes to the beliefs, suddenly the next generation had to undergo more rigorous paths, unnecessary tests and standards and they seem to forget in the end, that the real call to lead didn’t come from their qualifications but from an initiative.

Today, some leaders are afraid to be overturned or to be outperformed by their subordinates. So, what do they do? They place heavier burdens and capabilities to hamper their ability, to start a generation that’s potentially withheld. They reason that it is because of the failure of the qualifications but it is a no brainer, that the authority to fail the uprising is their decision.

These people see potential, but see it as a potential to overturn the current regime rather that to be able to help create a better generation or future.

This is what we have in our generation today, playing gravedigger’s game.

Where’s the respect?

But still, till now, they ask others how respect towards them turned to be missing or have gone away. Well, it obviously didn’t in a whim decided to play hide and seek. After all the charm, manipulation, deception and hampering? Maybe, It wasn’t given in the first place, maybe, just maybe, it was actually just stolen from people who should’ve owned them.