How to make Transcend Wi-fi SD work with OMD-EM-5

Transcend has been a very common brand for SD cards being a very usual freebie that comes along with cameras and cellphones alike. Reliable, but not really a brand that comes up in terms of high quality performance, Transcend has made a name for itself for the everyday consumer of its products.

These past weeks I have been craving for a way to directly transfer my camera photos from my Olympus OMD EM-5 directly to my Samsung Note, so I could post them on my Instagram. I have seen a lot of products online but the Transcend Wifi SD has been one to have caught my attention with a great review from my trusted m4/3 blog. Showing great assurance and confidence on the product, I went to a local camera store and purchased one.

After following its printed instructions, I was quite surprised to have found out that it did not work with my camera. No matter how many times I have inserted the SD it just does not show its Wi-Fi direct capabilities. Being very confident that it works, I went ahead and searched the internet for solutions to my problem, thankfully, I have found it.

If you are having problems with your Transcend WiFi SD not producing its wireless capability, first update the firmware of your SD card:

  1. Download the Firmware Update Tool by Transcend (Wireless & Multimedia Products > Wi-Fi SD Card)
  2. Proceed to update your SD card by connecting it to your computer and opening WFSD_FirmwareUpdateToolv1.5.exe, follow the onscreen instructions and finish the update

Next, to activate your SD card’s Wi-Fi capability in OMD EM-5, do the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the Transcend Wi-Fi SD is not inserted in the camera when you turn it on
  2. As it powers, wait for a few seconds then insert it in.
  3. Again, wait for a few seconds and the SSID should now pop-up

It’s not the best practice for the SD card but unfortunately, this has been the only method I have found to work within the bounds of the situation. But hey, direct transfer to your phone or computer without having to connect on a Wi-fi? It has good perks.

Happy shooting!