Leading a Revolution

It’s the first time in the 6 years of me working in the company, that now, I can truly see that I am part of a team that can make a dent in history.

Ever since the creation of a “leaders committee” initiated by the CEO, we have gained more honest, and brave opinions about matters ranging from anything regarding improvements. As much as possible, we’ve dealt with it and created solutions. With better processes, the company have seen individuals bloom from sheep to beasts on their maturity. Two things I have understood that are the most precious commodity in operations: Trust and Accountability. As long as these two thrives in the community, we will be able to burn the weeds that come into our field and let the right ones flourish with potentials way beyond our expectations.

I have read the book “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown, and again and again, one of the core message is that to be great is ironically, to be vulnerable. Because the more we guard ourselves: our pride, our wants, our weakness, the less we are capable to understand others. To empathize is to let them see you are just as human as them. That is when people see, that is someone they will rally to and if a number of people start to rally for each other, they become unstoppable.

To be vulnerable is to be courageous that this life is not about your personal achievements anymore, but to reach out a hand to live this life together with each others’ differences.

I have never felt more vulnerable in my life at this point professionally. That I am more available to fail, to follow opposing orders, more candid in opinions and to answer against problems raised. All the 10 handpicked individuals can break me should they betray their allegiance, but till that time comes I’d rather choose to believe these people will be the legends and foundation of a legacy of a brand that millions of people will aspire to be in.

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Congarts and welcome to our world (: I hope you could share/write about your experiences though I know you’re kinda busy now.

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