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Getting Lost

# Getting Lost
Due to the vast data the information age brings to us, the amounts of endless possibility can turn from a positive connotation to a negative.

Havings so much thoughts on the different paths we could take and the skill, effort and investment to place in each alternative gets confusing, scary and anxious. After digesting a lot of information regarding leadership, productivity, the future and tech, I’m not sure anymore where to move next. While I do accept my present wholeheartedly, the future of all scares me.

Where will we go now? Where will I go from here on out? Is it safe to just follow where I am or take a different road with much resistance? I’m pretty sure a compromise will happen somewhere if not happening already. My work and what I do at this point is of lackluster to me. I need that spark that would ignite me to propel me forward once more.

There are so much project and opportunities I have wasted. My passion for code, the podcast and other probably sources of income. Please let me not make another mistake. Don’t let this be another mistake. I’m tired of making another already.