Day 2 of Awareness: Risks

Today was about risks, going to the gym sick, making decisions on a field I’m not an expert in, understanding¬†an offended party and joining a coffee appreciation seminar.

All for the sake of self improvement, growth and Kaizen. Investing in your health, yourself and your presence of mind feels good and is good. Yet a lot of people seem to overlook it.

There is a parable of a lumber that reminds me of this situation, a short summarized version if I may:

There was a lumber jack who was able to cut down 20 trees on his first day, 15 on his second and 10 on his third. While his muscles were still in a better shape than before, his force and damage to the trunk seems to dwindle. Finally as he was perplexed on how in a day his record turned from 20 to 5 a day, his mentor merely asked him if he has sharpened his axe, he didn’t.

It’s not all about effort, it’s also the one who makes the effort. Your axe is your skill, your tasks are your lumber. The more you improve and diversify your skill, the better chances of you finding out inspiration and fulfilment in your life and work.

So in your routinary life, do something that makes you scared, invest in something to gain and be against a cycle. Make that dent in your schedule. Mine is probably going to be that study of coffee.

Lose yourself, love the grind, because in the end it’s only going to make you damn fine. Pun intended ZING!

I’m also just trying to convince myself to go to that coffee appreciation event as it is my dream to establish a cafe someday.

Day 1 of Awareness: Arrogance

As the CEO was talking about restructuring and my position shifted to a position of authority to innovation and research I felt some tinge in my pride feeling demoted from what I saw as a higher role.

Help has always been welcome and usually arrives as free. Arrogance changes that, thinking that the capability to accomplish such a task if can be done alone, should be done alone. Sometimes, it is not about being the champion, not about who completes the work, but how optimized the work was completed.

Change was another challenge and a pain for arrogance, the way it feels to be shifted, disrupted, denied of comfort and the fulfillment of one’s desire, shakes my calm. It’s scary and the fear of uncertainty haunts each sleep.

But we all know that the only constant thing in this world is change.

Being aware is the first step of solving a problem. Although, the root maybe deep embedded by nature and by growth, it is not to say it is impossible to be humble.

The first step is the biggest in every decision, but it is the journey of a thousand if not a million that’s hardest to endure. Then again, change is never a destination, but a journey.

It starts now.

I just read an article about this word “Kaizen” which translate to “Continuous Improvement”, maybe I’ll integrate it in this project. As a title, or as a side note. Who knows, but one thing is for sure, I’d like that as a mantra for this year.

I am not a Trophy

I do not live only to enhance your image. I am of my own will and purpose, I may be part of you but you are definitely only a part of me as well.
It’s great to have someone you can be with in the good times. It’s easy to find those kinds of people actually, a lot of people could fit in that category. What I need from you is to be more than the ordinary, the one in a thousand if not millions: Someone who takes the effort and relationship as personal, more than an accessory. Someone who notices when I need you, need you to listen and empathize.

Yeah, when push comes to shove, it’s easy to blame everything and everyone around me for what I’ve become: Bad friends, bad circumstance, bad use of time. All can and will be blamed… except you. Isn’t that strange considering you had my time?

If you haven’t invested enough conscious effort on me beyond the ordinary, do not expect me to take your words with value. I may process it with the mind but to invest on your knowledge is not enough to consider as wisdom to heart.

Trophy’s do not love, I do. What you want is an inaminate object that glorifies the past, I am what’s going to build your future.

If you’d only understand the way I love, it would’ve been easier to appreciate you.

The Only One who can Hurt You is Yourself

A young farmer is covered with sweat as he paddles on his boat to the river to deliver his produce to the village. While he was on his way and tried to get home before dark, he noticed a boat was going his way headed rapidly downstream.

So he shouted “Change direction you’re going to hit me! ”

But to no avail.

The vessel hit his boat with a violent “Thud”.

“You idiot! how did you manage to hit my boat in this wide river?!” Furious, he glared into the boat seeking for the individual responsible for the damage. He realized after observing through the mist, no one was there.

He had been screaming on an empty boat that had broken from its rope and was floating aimlessly.

When things don’t go our way, when we feel attacked or when we reap the negative consequences of our circumstance, our first instinct is to find blame on others that has the participation in the situation. While this may help you cope with the stress, or alleviate the blame from your conscience. In a number of cases, you are expecting responsibility on an empty boat.

The only thing that you are in control of is yourself. The easiest reaction is to look on others and throw responsibility out the window. It takes maturity to focus first on self. Think how different things would happen if introspection happened first: What are the lessons you can learn? What are the things you can accept? And what are the things you can improve?

Rather that keeping on pursuing what others have done to you or what the circumstance have molded you to be. Focus on being the flexible child you once were.  Keep learning.

The only thing that can make you any less than happy is yourself. All else is but a trigger to your own reaction to lose control of your well being. If you treat everyone as an empty boat: living beings with no ill will against you but only a continuous flow of energy – you’d realize the only entity that can change your outlook is ultimately just you.