Day 50 of Awareness: Affirmation

It’s one thing to get a like in social media, it’s another to be told by a stranger you are “loved”, yet its a whole different level of presence when a loved one or a treasured friend tells you “I miss you”

While words have the power to deceive and break people, it also has the power to motivate and build them up. It has so much ability to change lives it’s definitely a wonder why people keep it so reserved to themselves when their statements could change the moment of someone on the brink of losing it. Give out your words if you think someone’s smile is beautiful, if the way they dressed is gorgeous or dashing, give a tissue note if you’re too shy with words. It pays to break away from shyness into acting on your capacity.

Protip: If you’re extremely shy to say anything, polish a smile that connotes the message, it might seem small but it’s a gesture that can deliver.

I’m not the someone that gets a lot of these messages from friends I look up to and I’m telling you that the few times I get them, it strikes a nail in the wood. The fact that someone you respect confirms your deliberate effort to live really rejuvenates a weary spirit. So, if you remember someone you missed the opportunity to greet, to send a message, or just feel like cheering someone up someone, do so. Don’t hesitate, you lose nothing only for both of you to gain something. A friendship that just gets better overtime.

Day 33 of Awareness: Core Foundation

Life has been feeding us knowledge in this information age on a rate we struggle to comprehend. We’ve gotten so focused about growth that have you ever wondered where and if you’re rooted on something to start with?

A lot of people struggle with identity, priority and future because we have become so obsessed of fluid concepts. As time passes and discoveries progress, we see more of the grays and we’re mesmerized by each ideas. Knowing is not acceptance and acceptance is not based from others.

Now, why is this bad? Because if we become so entranced to following a moving trend you will never get a chance to  create a firm strong foundation to flourish on. You need to decide where to take heart, welcome and base your decision and future on.

“Kevin I didn’t understand a single thing you wrote.”

Think of this as an example, have you ever decided an order of priority between these topics:

  • Faith
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Family
  • Friends

I for one thought that was my hierarchy of importance. But intention that does not translate into action is nothing. After observing the results; on which one time is invested the most, sad to say it would look more like this:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Faith

Now, it is impossible to state that all is equal: There is no such thing.If given the choice to pick which one to choose, you will have to decide to sacrifice one over the other, else you will lose both. I am not against any combination as it’s for each one of us to determine what is good for our lives but if you’re failing on your own conviction, what is there to keep you from making a “wrong” choice? It’s easy to forgive a mistake against something that you belittle or find no concern to, but if it’s something you value it becomes a different story altogether.

Get Grounded

You have to determine what’s right to be able to tell what’s wrong. There has to come a point that you have to draw a line on where to believe in; knowledge, reasoning and community has empowered and defended clashing opinions of perspectives in our age. While it is possible to be a pacifist, rest assured that when you do take that path, growth won’t be on top of your priority and this message is not at all for you.

If you plan to grow, to grow someone and to go a mile than float in circles: choose your core values which you nourish by finding like minded people and a community that will empower you. That way your motion won’t be determined but random ripples in this life but a wave to push you on where you will or have set your heart on.


Day 26 of Awareness: Having Rest

In a world that’s fast-paced, demanding, and full of competition, we think that it is necessary to be the most hardworking above all: the one who gets the least sleep, the one who uses the least breaks and the most hours invested into work.

Work is a God given gift for people to be productive with their goals, less time to be idle, achieve something and strike a purpose. But it is very essential that in this life, we have to have all things in balance to achieve the best result. There are those workers whose enthusiasm to perform seems tireless with their craft. Now while every manager appreciates the grinding source of operations, every good leader knows that that fire is going to snuff out without a good rest to balance the intensity.

Have your rest, and rest well and to the fullest.

In the Bible, even the omnipotent God rested on the 7th day, what more the mortal human? Especially for the people that work much of the hours in their desk which would probably entail being slouched and infront of a monitor: you need the sun and the walk to keep your body and mind nourished.

To the invested: Travel out. Once in a while is definitely good for your spirit. To see the world and understand others with another culture, to get inspiration from another scene and life to move out of your comfort zone, lessen the movement of wheels and move the distance with your legs. Get different, use difference as inspiration rather than a source of fear.

To the thrifty: Find the right friends. As an introvert that recharges alone, having the right friends that know how to budget their money and invitation is priceless. Thankfully, I have them and without a doubt being with them rests me in all the aspects that needs recharging.

To the lost: Find it in art. A camera, paintbrush, pen or a book can do wonders for matters beyond physical. Get a chair, a cup of tea or coffee and but that pent up emotion or words into something physical. Because humans are made to express, create and multiply what we have in this world.

Rest is not necessarily only for the weary, for the tired and for the exhausted, it is better to rest to stay healthy than to survive. The common notion is not always right, and the norm should not demand compromise. No one will pay the price of your choices more than you.

Now go get some rest, you deserve it more than you think.

Day 3 of Awareness: Focus

To fight against your demons, your failures, and all things that put you down: Focus on the good.

On my post on Arrogance, there was transparency that fear of change was present and unwillingness is the instinctive reaction regarding to that instance. As the day went by, the response for this external change was to change internally. To shift perspective and to take the bad to good, and to focus on a goal and competitively attain it.

It worked.

Today, a praise came a long: “Proud of you.” and it was the sweetest part of the day. Fear turned into joy and anxiety into peace. If you feel helpless, panicked and swarmed, it maybe because you’re looking at the wrong part of your vibrant life, or you’re looking at so many things at once. Close your eyes, breathe and look at it one by one, do not get paralyzed by the numbers. Even 1 may reach into infinity if given a span of infinity. There are so many things around we have either chosen to ignore, or familiarity had degraded it’s value. As a camera can shift it’s focus from a crisp foreground to a background, focus on the good things: things you cherish, things you can accomplish and what you have accomplished.

Start on having a goal and keeping it in check. We are not meant to keep everything in focus at once: not our eyes, not our brains. In time, you will finish what you plan.

If you have visited my post once again, you are someone that’s keeping me focus. I’m writing this blog tired, sleepy and spent. But as someone that is reading this item once again, pinging the number of readers in my statistics: Thank you. You are what keeps me going in my commitment to finish this journal of 365 days.