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Unfollow Instagram Non-followers: The First Aplication

Oh hey! I’m going back into app development from managing people so I thought I’d try out and exercise my mind muscles starting with the most popular and strongest marketing social media to date which is Instagram.

Instagram has been growing exponentially and has served to become one of the strongest marketing tool at this age especially for b2c form of sale. So I did what any interested individual would do and studied regarding tools around it, and by tools I mean API and development.

Currently there are two fruits of my labor which one of is being able to like posts consistently ranging from hashtags to followers, if you’re interested for me to automate your account plus do the targeting to increase your followers, send me an email! On the other hand, here’s a public tool for you:

It’s nothing fancy, or nothing ground breaking, especially in terms of design but it does the job. I’m calling it ByeG for now as a play for the term “IG”, you’re very welcome to send comments and suggestions for it! (The Britney Spears GIF is nonnegotiable.)

This app would ask you to place your username and password and generate a list wherein you would get to see your followings that doesn’t follow you back. Please be sure to click the button and not just press enter, also be patient and give it time to browse through your list, the more followings you have the more time it will take, it should display results when the bouncing ball gif goes missing, if it doesn’t ping me.  Don’t worry, I don’t store your passwords, all privacy and results stay in with you, I only keep data on who used it and when it was used.

If you have too many on the list, I also offer a premium service of unfollowing all plus a whitelist wherein you can list who you don’t want to unfollow based on your choosing,

If you’re also interested in me making a tool for you, ping me up. Let’s get this ball rolling!