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A Dream Job

A good professor in college could really change the trajectory of your life for the good. It’s what happened to me when I first had my web development class in Benilde. I guess, that really left a mark in me, the ability of a good mentor to make a subject so enjoyable, it became what I was passionate about.

After 11 years of building a startup, one of the first thing I considered right away is going back to my Alma Mater to teach. I’m not exactly sure if I was built for it, but I would like to try. Coaching other people has been one of the most enriching activity I’ve been doing recently. To see people grow, find clarity, and be hopeful about their future is a gift that just keeps on giving to everyone involved.

I honestly, thought I was left with no attention regarding my inquiry when I first contacted my professor, I was glad to see that it was that she was busy with a lot of things.

Today, I’ve fixed my CV regarding web development, and will be submitting it to her to apply as a professor. I’m scared to be honest, to be holding such an important role in bringing out the best of the youth, but I am still searching for myself too: What I want to be ultimately, and what I would be willing to sacrifice for.

Here’s to my younger self, who’s always dreamed to be part of the academia of my Alma Mater, and to my professor and mentor that started the path to who I am today. I’ll make you proud, I promise.

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