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Stop working for what you Need

One of the first goals in life is to be independent, it feels great to achieve that you’re now stepping on your own ground. But if you think its enough to bask in that glory, you need to live more.

When you think of independence in a financial setting, you would probably consider it already a total achievement to live on your own sustenance of food, shelter, clothing, utilities and/or education. While its great to be able to live in a way that you’re not reliant on anyone, it’s not a life beyond the ordinary if you’re content on such setting. You’re the spaces in between the words in books of history.

Even beggars can manage to attain such elements of survival.

Food no matter when its from a fast food chain or a 5 star hotel restaurant is food. You will always end up with something that can be digested as long as you can move. Working for food can only give you so less of a value on your effort and capability. Have you ever considered working for luxury? Have you ever worked for luxury?

Dream Bigger

A financial adviser once told me the formula:

Salary – Savings = Expense

Surviving is a passive instinct of life, no matter how hopeless a situation is, you can make and will make it happen unless you’re due to death. No one ever dies feeling accomplished with a shirt, a pouch of rice and a room. So at least please die with a shirt, rice, room AND a car.

I don’t know about you but I am not inspired to work on things that my parents provided me their whole life without any problem, so why work for it? If you have to work, it shouldn’t be to sustain your life but improve it.

I respect those that had none, only to have a few. But quoting the honest thoughts of the CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma: If you’re still poor at 35, you deserve it.

So aim higher, if you’re living independent then earn for what life has to offer but never gave you. Because in the end, no one likes a commendation of “you’re doing what you should.” but instead “you did your effort’s worth, and that is a reward.” Plan that trip to abroad, earn for that camera you crave, save for the concert you’d love to hear live.

Your money should be yours, don’t let anyone share your hard toil, not even life itself. Be the one that decides who gets your blessings, and you’d find that work is far better than a routine to live, it becomes the investment of your life.



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